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Overland Routes are roads, backways,
legal 4x4 trails and logical connections of such.

Overland Elements are areas of geological interest, sites of historical significance, mining ruins, ghost towns, natural wonders, man made oddities and recreational opportunities unique to Colorado.

This website and everything associated with it are property of Colorado Overland Routes and Elements, ltd. 

ColoradoOverlandRoutesandElements.com is a historic record of a series of Overland trips designed to entertain an old shelter dog that we adopted at age 11 in his last days.  We have no idea what we're doing, we're not experts, this is not an advice site. We are dog chauffeurs.  Weve tried to assemble a structured route directory based on our trips with the best possible information we could put together; we are not responsible for the accuracy of the maps, photos, videos, descriptions, links, information, text, coding or anything else on this site or in the flyers and other promotional items.  Roads, trails, areas, campgrounds, absolutely anything may be closed or may have changed drastically.  Use the information at your own risk. We recommend that you do not use any of this information for anything other than reading entertainment.  We guarantee nothing. It's probably all wrong.  Knowing federal, state and local regulations is your responsibility. We are not liable for anything that happens to you by using any  information provided on ColoradoOverlandRoutesandElements.com.  We do not know you, your set up or abilities, it is impossible for us to recommend anything given that total lack of knowledge, and have no advice for you.  This site is the property of a tiny LLC with no assets and nothing to lose but patience and quarantine weight.  Resistance is futile.


This site is a blog / vlog documenting the overland travels of a senior dog.  Here's a video of us adopting him:  Adopting Kix!

From the amazing designer:
I have a job. It is not Overlanding. I'm an amateur or worse, do not take anything on this site as expert advice. ColoradoOverlandRoutesandElements.com is just for fun, it's a hobby site, an artistic outlet, not an advice site. I am not the king of Overlanding, far from it actually, I have multiple regrets. I've made and continue to make a lot of mistakes, I've hurt myself, gotten people I care about lost in the woods and broken my gear doing this. You'd be a fool to follow me or to substitute my judgement for your own. I'm not an expert, you're probably more Overlanderier and smarterer than me. This is what I did, not what you should do.  You shouldn't do anything.  Go to bed and stay there.

The authors of this site are not responsible any damage, personal injuries or death as a result of the use of any information, maps, routes, advice, gear or techniques discussed on this web site or shown in our videos or promotional items. This is not a guide site or an advice site.  This is a collection of trip reports with no known degree of accuracy.  All outdoor activities are carried out at your own risk. Good luck! 

This site is nothing but artistic interpretation and should be used for entertainment or historical purposes only. Any other use is inappropriate.
By using this site you agree that all of the information on this site should be considered potentially inaccurate; it represents impressions of moments in time that have passed, interpretations of situations and events that are likely clouded by personal experiences, health and/ or emotions, and given that potential you agree that you need to verify everything for yourself from sources other than this site;
by using this site you also agree to our 0% (zero percent) guarantee, which is that we do not guarantee that anything on this site is correct, not even one thing;
by using this site you also agree that this site and anyone associated with it is/are not part of your decision making process, all of your choices and consequences are your own;
by using this site you also agree that you are responsible for yourself, and this site and anyone associated with it are not responsible for you or your safety;
by using this site you also agree that Overlanding is risky and you assume all of those risks;
by using this site you agree that the only significant piece of information contained is the revelation that Love Is In The Air as per the teachings of John Paul Young and you acknowledge that you are as subject to it's whims as the rest of us;
by using this site you also agree to hold anyone, everyone and anything associated with this site harmless for anything and everything forever; again, hold harmless for anything and everything forever.  That is a big, blanket statement that, by using this site you agree, covers everything, anything, everyone and everywhere. 

All rights reserved.  Copyright 2020. 
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