My name is Paul and I got the idea for this site in late 2014 after a conversation with an out of state overlander about places to go, things to see and such.  He had been on some guide sites and was overwhelmed by the volume of trails and wanted to know what was good since he only had a week and wanted to maximize his experience without breaking his rig or getting in over his head.  He was frustrated because one of the sites had "every dirt road on Grand Mesa listed as a trail", and posted a thread asking for the best route across Grand Mesa.  As a local I had some ideas; I had built a map on my computer in the early 2000s, before mapping software was readily available, and posted routes, elements, all sorts of things on it.  It was a huge, unmanageable file that I would have loved to share, it would have made explaining things easier, but it was a mess of pictures, html, text links, embeded videos and such... an upgrade was due.  I though of the name and reserved the URL and promtly forgot about it.  In mid 2016 I was renewing hosting for another site and accidentally hosted this one too.  It was a nice surprise to see it again, and I decided to call it kismet and get started.  Right around the crack of 2017 that happenned... since then it's been growing with no timetable, no end goal aside from publishing v.1 by the end of 2017.  That's what is posted now, but v.2 is in the works for (hopefully) April of 2018. 

I first went wheeling in Colorado in the late 1990s on a vacation to the Ouray area.  I had been on a trip out west before and thought I knew what I was in for when I was invited on what was described as a "very scenic" Jeep trip, which turned out to be the route we have named "BOB from Ouray".  We drove Black Bear, Ophir and Bolam Passes (hence BOB).  I am from NYC and was living in Miami Beach at the time, all at sea level.  I had never seen anything like the mountains of South Western Colorado and was not prepared in any way for what happened that day.  It was like being on a different planet.  I was absolutely terrified on the trail and overwhelmed by the beauty and history.  I was dressed all wrong, didn't bring enough water, got rained on, bug bitten and was totally hooked.  In 1998 I got the opportunity and moved to Denver to get some more.

I've been exploring Colorado ever since with a few local offroad groups, friends and family.  I like trail runs in a group, Overland trips solo.  I like the quiet family time and lack of schedule that solo overanding brings, but I do sometimes do group runs too.  Along the way I've had a few 4x4s: a Jeep YJ, a Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Truck, and a Subaru Forester; currently I've got a mildly built Jeep LJ, an offroad camping trailer I made and a mostly stock Nissan Xterra.  I have a car too, but who cares...

My wife and I had done a lot of wheeling and camping, but my first real Overlanding trip was from Denver to Canyonlands in 2012 with some members of; we spent a night in Grand Junction after driving through a snow storm, then drove over Elephant Hill in the sunshine and stayed at the amazing Devil's Kitchen campground.  We hiked Chesler Park the next day and exited via Bobby's Hole and Beef Basin.  It was life changing.  It was also the first time I saw a rooftop tent and lots of other gear that got me scheming and dreaming, and I realized there was another level beyond "going camping".  We've been reaching further ever since, which is how many of these routes were developed.  I've tried to name them logically, after roads and places they represent, I hope they make sense.  I've listed all of the resources I used to plan them, please check them out.

Future plans include a full website update with better software, which is in the works but probably is about a year out atleast.  For 2018 we're hoping to have all the nuts and bolts of this site dialed in and will focus on adding detail to route pages.  We also will begin ramping up video production, mostly because it's fun for us.  Colorado is and will be the star of our videos, it's not about people or products, just about overlanding. This is also not going to turn into a trail guide, I do not plan on listing any trails that are not incidental to our routes, plus a few connectors like Hotel Gulch.  Going forward the goal is to keep this site simple, on point and easy to use, and not to make it into anything but a fun thing.  We're also adding our C.O.P.S. trips, more on that later.  Thank you for looking!

Disclaimer: I have a job. Its not Overlanding. I'm an amateur or worse, do not take anything on this site as expert advice. is just for fun, it's a hobby site, an artistic outlet, not an advice site. I am not the king of Overlanding, far from it actually, I have multiple regrets. I've made and continue to make a lot of mistakes, I've hurt myself, gotten people I care about lost in the woods and broken my gear doing this. You'd be a fool to follow me or to substitute my judgement for your own. I'm not an expert, you're probably more Overlanderier and smarterer than me. This is what I did, not what you should do.  You shouldn't do anything. 

Terms: This site is nothing but artistic interpretation and should be used for entertainment or historical purposes only. Any other use is inappropriate.By using this site you agree that all of the information on this site should be considered potentially inaccurate; it represents impressions of moments in time that have passed, interpretations of situations and events that are likely clouded by personal experiences, health and/ or emotions, and given that potential you agree that you need to verify everything for yourself from sources other than this site; by using this site you also agree to our 0% guarantee, which is that we do not guarantee that anything on this site is correct, and you agree it is largely bullshit and should not be trusted;by using this site you also agree that this site and anyone associated with it is/are not part of your decision making process, all of your choices and consequences are your own;by using this site you also agree that you are responsible for yourself, and this site and anyone associated with it are not responsible for you or your safety; by using this site you also agree that Overlanding is risky and you assume all of those risks; by using this site you agree that love is in the air as per John Paul Young; by using this site you also agree to hold anyone, everyone and anything associated with this site harmless for anything and everything forever; again, hold harmless for anything and everything forever.

All rights reserved.  Copyright 2018. 

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