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Road Sequence:

 Highway 40- paved
CR80 / FR149 / Moffat Road- dirt and easy 4x4
CR50 / FR139 / Keyser Creek Road- dirt and easy 4x4 
CR3/ Upper Williams Fork Road- dirt
CR33 / River Drive- dirt
CR1 / Trough Road- dirt
Highway 131- paved
CR301 / Colorado River Road- dirt
Interstate 70- paved
Highway 330 / Silt - Colbran Road- paved changes to dirt
58 1/2 Road- paved
NE Road- paved
59 Road / CR121-dirt
CR121 / Lakeshore Drive- dirt
Highway 65- paved
CR100 / Lands End Road- dirt
Kannah Creek Road- paved
Highway 50- paved
Escalante Canyon Road- easy 4x4
Highway 50- paved
Highway 92- paved
Highway 133- paved
Highway 82- paved
Highway 24- paved
Fourmile Area- easy 4x4
CR7 / Weston Pass Road- dirt
CR22 / Weston Pass Road- easy 4x4
CR5- dirt
Highway 285- paved
CR62 / Geneva Road / Guanella Pass Road- paved
COLORADO OVERLAND PHOTO SAFARI: the dirty blue road trip
ROUTE NAME: Start & End, .GPX File
800+  miles inspired by Blue Highways by William Least Heat-Moon.  The COPS route is our easiest and longest.  It was designed for a forum friend that lived too far to bring thier own rig to Colorado, so they wanted to fly into DIA, rent a stock 4Runner or Wrangler, pick up some camping gear and go Overlanding without damaging the vehicle.  This route is largely dirt roads and "blue" highways with some epic photo stops.  And pie.  Full video in process, below is Lands End road, part of Section 2.
New Maps & .GPX Files
Coming Summer 2020

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