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Road Sequence:
Highway 131- paved
CR21- paved
CR17- dirt
CR132- dirt
CR8 North Fork Road- dirt changes to pavement
CR115 Windy Bill Road- dirt
FR250 Sleepy Cat Trail- easy 4x4
CR250 / CR49 Uranium Peak Road- easy 4x4
CR15 Thornsburg Road- dirt
Highway 13- paved
Highway 64- paved
CR7 Strawberry Creek Road- paved
CR57- dirt
CR23 Cedar Springs- dirt
Highway 40- paved
CR14 Bear Valley Road- dirt
CR14N Mantle Ranch / Yampa Bench Road- easy 4x4
CR156 Echo Park Road- dirt
CR161 Harpers Corner Road- paved
Highway 40- paved
Highway 64- paved
CR122 Calamity Ridge- dirt
CR20 Barcus Road- dirt
CR5 Alkali Flat Road- dirt
Highway 64- paved
Highway 13- paved
CR13 Flag Creek Road- paved changes to dirt
CR252 West Rifle Creek- dirt
Highway 325- paved
CR226 Grass Valley Road- paved
CR245 Buford Road- paved
Main Street, New Castle- paved
EXPEDITION: DINOSAUR- Backroads to and through Dinosaur National Monument
350+ miles of beauty surround Dinosaur National Monument in northwestern Colorado. This page and the full route video are still being developed, please check back soon!  Below is Yampa Bench Road, the core of this route. 
New Maps & .GPX Files
Coming Summer 2020

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