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Road Sequence:

 South Foxton Road- paved
CR 96 South West Platte River Road- paved
CR 126 South Deckers Road- paved
FR 550 Redskin Creek Road- dirt
CR 860- dirt
CR 88 Sylvania Of The Rockies Road- dirt
FR 560 Stoney Pass Road- dirt
FR 211 Goose Creek Road- dirt
CR 211 Matukat Road-dirt
CR 77 Tarryall Road- paved
CO 24- paved
CR 90- pavement changes to dirt
CR 92 Caylor Gulch- dirt
CR 59 Thirty Nine Mile Road- dirt
CR 102- paved
CO 9- paved
CR 88- dirt
CR2a- dirt
CR 2 Poncha Park- dirt
CR 175 Ute Trail- dirt
CR 176 Spiral Drive- dirt
FOXTON SPIRAL: Conifer to Salida & the Fourmile Area
FOXTON SPIRAL: Start & End, .GPX File
  • Route Name Start: Conifer
  • Route Name End:  Salida
  • Download .GPX: Foxton Spiral
165 miles of adventure on the way to Salida, Fourmile, or as an extention of our Los Pinos route.  This route is being run fully in July of 2020 and a route video will post shortly after.  For the time being here is Goose Creek, part of this route.
New Maps & .GPX Files
Coming Summer 2020

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