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Road Sequence:
Old Monarch Pass -dirt
FR 888 Tomichi Pass Road -dirt
FR 887 Black Sage Pass -dirt
CR 887 Waunita Hot Springs Road -dirt
US 50  .5 miles on pavement
CO 45 -dirt
CR 14 PP Razor Creek Dome -dirt
CO 114 E  1.3 miles on pavement
CR NN 14 Cochetopa Dome -dirt
CR KK14 / FR 788 Los Pinos Pass -dirt
CR 50 / FR 788 Cebolla Creek -dirt
CO 149 -10 miles on pavement
*The last 10 miles on CO 149 to Lake City are not in the video, it is a paved state highway.
LOS PINOS: 100 Miles to the Alpine Loop
LOS PINOS: Start & End, .GPX File
100.9 miles Monarch Pass to Lake City, less than 12 miles are on pavement and 10 of those are at the end.  Easy and scenic. Lots of dispersed campsites along the way.  Can also end at Creede for Wheeler Geologic Area by heading east on 149 for 55 miles.
New Maps & .GPX Files
Coming Summer 2020